Start Making Passive Income

Let’s face it… If you’re like most people who long to make passive income online, you’ve probably tried just about everything that’s come your way. Am I right?

I probably am, and the reason I can say that is because, just like you, I’ve tried it all. I’ve built website after website, studied program after program, bought more kinds of software than you can shake a stick at, and it always seemed like I was still just running in place. Nothing I tried made any real money until I began to look at how some of the affiliate marketing programs were actually set up.

I’m not talking about how they work, like in how they pay their commissions or what they want the affiliates to sell–I’m referring to the fact that they were designed to bring in a lot of money for the people who put them out there, by getting thousands of other people to sell their products for them!

The trouble was, I’m no software engineer, so it wasn’t like I had any hope of doing that, so I tackled it from the bottom up. How about, instead of having thousands of people selling things for me, I just found lots of things to sell that people would buy?

That would give me many different opportunities to have money coming in, right? That would be almost as good.

And then I thought about how to do that, how to get lots of things to sell so almost anyone who came to my website would have a fair chance of becoming a customer. I could spend all day every day pushing the site, telling people about it, posting more and more fresh content so the search engines would keep me ranked up high… but that always left me with little or no time for my family.

I needed to find a way to make all these things happen without me having to actually be involved, and I finally found a way to do that. I kept experimenting with different programs and apps until I found just the perfect combination so that now I’m able to relax, travel, spend time pursuing hobbies (or better yet, pursuing my beautiful wife Kathy!), and enjoying life to the fullest! The hardest work I had to do was checking my visitor stats and analytics once a week.

And now, I want to share this secret with the rest of the world. I want to show you how to do exactly what I’ve done, and in order to make that possible, I finally went out and spent some money on getting some software of my own design. is a website that is set up the way I discovered and described above. It uses a number of apps to keep fresh content coming onto the site all the time, searches through that content for keywords that trigger desires in people who visit the site, and then converts those keywords into text links that almost challenge them to click! When they click, they may buy what they find, or they may simply become a “lead” that pays me a few dollars just for bringing them to the advertiser’s site.

Some of the Affiliate Programs I use pay rather well, but only occasionally; others pay a little, but fairly often. Between them all, it’s possible to get a nice little income flowing in, so that’s what I’m offering you today.

And the best part?

You’ll need to devote an hour or so each week to make sure your feeds are working and checking your analytics, but that’s about all. The rest of the time you can go about your business knowing that your Gatelinks page is working for you.

When you sign up for GateLinksPro, you get a complete clone of my website, with all the affiliate programs I use to bring in money. I’ll provide you with a complete list of those programs, so all you need to do is sign up and get your own Affiliate ID for each of them, then replace my links with your own. The built-in content updater will keep providing your site with fresh content, keeping you in the eye of the search engines and giving you plenty of things to share and pass around, and you can even customize the feeds to add your own favorite niches and subjects.

You’ll get a free subdomain under, but you can always mask it with a domain of your own so that people see your domain name instead. Either way, you’ll get several benefits that will help you achieve that elusive goal of earning a passive income through affiliate marketing. Bear in mind that this is a WordPress site, so you’ll be able to personalize it in any way you wish.

But wait! Yep, there’s more! In order to help you earn money, I’m going to give you some extra gifts, and it’s time I tell you about those!

First off, I’m going to give you a complete e-Course on how to make the best use of Fcebook Groups, Facebook Groups Unleashed. This course includes both the eBook itself, and the (usuallly quite expensive) video course upgrade. I’ve seen this entire package sell for as much as $100.00, so that’s a pretty good deal.

Second, I’m giving you two more items that I found incredibly useful: Affiliate Ads Pro, a software program that helps you to build traffic-grabbing ads, and the awesome e-Course Affiliate Marketing Success. (Just so you know, I don’t always agree with everything they teach, but it’s all useful information.)

Third, I’m going to give you a Done-For-You Marketing Video that you can post anywhere you like, and all you need to do is add a link to your site in the comment or description! That will let people know that you’ve got some of the stuff they are already looking for, so they can start getting interested in your website and coming back to check your latest posts! I charge as much as $300 to make a video like this for clients, so this is also a good deal.

Of course, you’re going to get your own Done-For-You automatic blog website, with all my tricks for keeping the content fresh and enticing, and turning simple phrases and words into Monetized Links that will help you earn a passive income. That could literally be worth thousands of dollars, wouldn’t you agree?

And finally, I’m going to give you the chance to make money by showing other folks what Gatelinkspro can do for them, and I’m going to make it easy. I’ll post a nice recorded instructional video that you can send people to with your own referral code, so that when they buy this awesome package, you earn a fifty percent commission!

Now, you probably think I’m about to ask for all your money, a pint or two of your blood and at least one of your kids in return for all this, right? Well, I don’t want your kids, I don’t have any use for your blood, and I don’t need all your money. On the other hand, if I give this away for free, someone is likely to send the men in the little white coats to take me for a ride, and I don’t have time for that, either, so I decided to make it available at a ridiculously affordable price. I’m not asking thousands of dollars, and I’m not asking for hundreds of dollars. I thought this all over good and hard, and decided not to even ask the $97 a year that I originally planned on.

For the next few days, you can get this incredibly powerful DFY Package for only $47!

That’s right. Only $47.00, and that’s a one-time payment, not an annual one. For only $47.00, you get everything listed here and you’re on the way to a steady passive income of your own.

And all you have to do is click the button below and then complete the form on the next page.