Bethesda shows off Starfield ahead of 2022 release

Starfield trailer

At its first E3 as a part of the Microsoft family, Bethesda opened the Xbox showcase with a teaser trailer for Starfield, an intergalactic adventure launching next winter.

The two-minute trailer doesn’t give a huge amount away, merely showing an astronaut sat in the cockpit of a spaceship on a slightly dreary looking planet. 

“We’ve come to the beginning of humanity’s final journey,” a voiceover says over a swelling orchestral sound. “That’s why we’ve come here, to discover what’s out there.”

As most expected when Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda was completed, this will be a title that’s exclusive to PC and Xbox Series X/S systems, so Playstation 5 buyers are out of luck. On top of this, Game Pass subscribers will get it as part of their membership on day one when it launches on 11 November 2022. 

The video was leaked to The Washington Post an hour ahead of the show, and the site published a second video of Bethesda’s Todd Howard talking about the game which will likely appear later in the show. Starfield, he explains, is a title the team has wanted to make for 20 years where you play as a member of Constellation, who are a group of space explorers.

“It’s a next-generation role-playing game where you’ll be who you want, go where you want, experience our stories and forge your own,” Howard said. “More than that, Starfield is about hope, our shared humanity and searching for the answers to life’s greatest mystery.”

So far, so vague, but given Bethesda’s heritage of open-world RPGs with The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, you’d imagine something similar but space based. We’ll update this piece if the company comes back to the game later in the showcase.

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