Could hydrogen keep the internal combustion engine alive?

Could hydrogen keep the internal combustion engine alive?

Increasingly stricter emission rules are making it tough for automakers to continue offering cars powered by internal-combustion engines, with some countries such as the United Kingdom even making moves to ban the engines altogether. Interestingly, hydrogen, of all things, could prove to be the savior of the internal-combustion engine. A number of automakers have proposed transforming hydrogen generated from renewable sources […]

This Elaborate Escape Room in a Box Helps Hype HBO’s New Fantasy Series, The Nevers

Like its namesake character in HBO’s latest fantasy action series, there’s more to the network’s promotion for The Nevers than first meets the eye. A “gifting experience” with a tongue-twister of a title–Penance’s Curiosities + Cocktail Compendium–takes branded swag to a new level, essentially providing superfans and influencers with an escape room in an ornate…

Witness the Bizarre Creativity of Miitopia’s Community

With the heyday of Nintendo’s goofy avatar creation system long past, Miis have been enjoying a quiet retirement, the Miis have recently been enjoying a quiet retirement as a buried, unused feature on the Nintendo Switch. Until recently, when their goofy creative antics to light again by a demo of a port of a four-year-old 3DS game: Miitopia. [ignvideo url=””] […]

Returnal Director Says Difficulty is ‘Integral Part’ of Housemarque’s Philosophy

Housemarque’s ambitious PS5-exclusive roguelike shooter Returnal is out today, and while it’s received plenty of praise (including from us) for its haunting atmosphere, clever story, and shooter action, it’s also sparking discussion about its considerable difficulty. And now, the game’s director has weighed in too. On Next-Gen Console Watch, game director Harry Krueger and marketing and business development director Mikael […]