Samsung Galaxy S21 to drop another classic smartphone feature?

Samsung looks likely to strip the Galaxy S21 phones of the microSD storage expansion capabilities, according to a fresh report.

The noted tipster Roland Quandt has added more weight to rumours the next-generation handset will dispense with a feature that has remained popular among Galaxy fans amid other manufacturers removing the option.

Should the report prove accurate it’d mean the Galaxy S21 would lose another of the classic features that help set it apart from rivals. The Galaxy S20, of course, was the first S-Series flagship to drop the 3.5mm headphone jack.

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If the microSD card slot falls by the wayside this year, it’d see another vestige of the early smartphone era fall by the wayside.

Of course, Samsung has plenty more to fit into the phones than it did during those early days. Half a dozen cameras, periscope lenses, under-display finger print sensors, NFC, larger batteries and so on. It’s inevitable some of the lesser-needed features have to be sacrificed.

However, if you’re attached to your wired headphones and expanded storage, this may provide a solid reason not to upgrade your handset to the new Galaxy S21.

Quandt’s prediction comes via purpoted spec sheets for the Galaxy S21 series, which is rumoured to be launching at an Unpacked event on January 14 (TBC).

Interestingly, the insider says some markets may still get a charger in the box when purchasing a Galaxy S21 handset. After mocking Apple for doing so with the iPhone 12, Samsung may follow suit by dropping the plastic brick from the box, trimming production and shipping costs and making the overall proposition slightly more environmentally friendly.

Will you be buying the Galaxy S21 if Samsung drops the microSD card from the handset? Or with cloud storage now doing most of the heavy lifting, do you even care? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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